Some of the most common questions asked when relocating pets abroad are listed below:

Can our pets travel from our local airport?

Yes, pets can be transported out of most UK airports depending on flights available, however if you are travelling under the Pets Passport Scheme then currently only Heathrow, Gatwick, Bristol, Doncaster and Manchester can handle your return journey.

Where will my pet be placed in the aircraft during the flight?

Your pet will travel in the animal hold, below the passenger deck. The hold is pressurised and heated and remains unlit throughout the flight. This generally encourages the animals to sleep, meaning a relaxing journey.

When will my pet be fed and watered?

All the carriers are fitted with water containers. These will be refilled during any transit stops. Animals are not fed immediately prior to, or during travel, in order to avoid them soiling the carrier, as this would obviously cause discomfort to your pet.

Will my pet have enough space in the carrier?

Yes. A good company like jets4pets will supply a carrier that is suitable for your pet, measured specifically to ensure that it will be big enough for your pet to stand, lie and turn around in comfort. Extra space is not recommended as it can be expensive, but more importantly can cause injury to your animal during possible periods of turbulence.

Will my pet be stressed from the flight?

Your pet will be pleased to see you and will probably enjoy a good meal at the end of their flight, but most animals travel very well and relax throughout the flight. More than a million pets fly safely world-wide every year, the captain will know animals are on board and will act accordingly in line with recommended procedures.

Will my pet be tranquillised before it travels?

In line with Defra and advice from vets, we strongly discourage tranquillising your animal before the flight. Due to the change of air pressure in the pressurised hold there is a risk of adverse drug reactions and breathing difficulties. Airlines may refuse to transport sedated animals as they cannot judge their state of health. For a healthy flight we recommend you DO NOT sedate your pets.

What is the difference between ‘Excess Baggage’ and ‘Air Cargo’?

When you travel with your pet and you both check in at the passenger terminal, this is termed ‘excess baggage,’ however your pet will still travel in the animal hold. Air Cargo can be used when you travel with your pet or if your pet is travelling without you. Your pet will be checked in through the cargo terminal at your departing airport and the cargo terminals of modern day airports are used to handling and caring for animals. Some even have specialist animal holding rooms.

Are there any circumstances when animals cannot fly?

Yes. If a vet or duty manager at a handling centre is concerned about your pet it will be checked and may be held back from travel. This is for the welfare of your pet. Restrictions can also be imposed due to seasonal temperatures in the USA, again this is for the welfare of your animal, as extremes of heat or cold are not good for your pet.

How soon will my pet be allowed off the aircraft?

While you fight with the hoards of passengers to find your bags and duty free from the overhead lockers, your pet will already be off the flight. The ground teams at the arrival airport will know that animals are on the flight and they will be the priority to be removed from the aircraft.